What level SUP surfer am I?

It has taken me a good few years of SUP surfing and instructing Stand up paddle boarding to be able to actually deseminate peoples level. In each section I have outlined skills that you should be able to do that way you can decide which is your next step to greatness;

As a total beginner you may well have your own iSUP, a strong paddle stroke and be able to Step back turn on both sides. These basic skills are essential to head to a small wave as are a strong leash and a good understanding of SUP surf etiquette.

Beginner plus
As a Beginner plus SUP Surfer you have had a go in the waves and finding that you struggle to keep your balance getting over a small waves, when a wave comes your excitement level peeks and on a good day you catch it without falling off the back of the board.ve

8 out of 10 times the wave may well pass you by or you fall off the back of the board or nose dive as the nose of your SUP digs into the trough of the wave, these are all classic errors that our beginner plus course or clinics will correct.

Your goal – To catch more waves with confidence, fully understand SUP surf etiquette

As an Intermediate SUP Surfer you are nturing into chest high waves and able to get over the white stuff without too much grief, are catching say 50% of the waves and riding straight along the wave face and maybe intitiating a bottom turn?

Your goal – You would like to feel more comfortable in better waves, fully understand SUP surf etiguette, get longer rides, co complete a proper bottom turn and initiate a top turn with some success.

Intermediate Plus
As an Intermediate plus you now feel confident in varying conditions, have mastered how to get over breaking waves and are now catching a good 70% of the waves. Tehnically you can change direction / round house and complete a bottom and top turn with success.

Your goal –  Upgrade your board to allow your new skills to shine, surf more.