SUP river trips in Cornwall


Our Stand up paddleboard or SUP river trips in Cornwall are the perfect opportunity to really get to grips with your paddle technique and balance not to mention enjoy our beautiful Cornish inland waterways and rivers.

We run graded trips based on ability and the groups focus so that you can experience a just brilliant, chilled day out on the water, see wildlife close up as we hug the banks and get the old core muscles gently coaxed into life or for those looking for a slightly longer session take on a down tide trip where we can paddle with the tide covering a greater distance and for those looking for a fitness type session  paddle against the tide for extra resistance either way, getting out on the water in whatever capacity is huge fun and very addictive.

River trip with coaching

Stand up paddle boarding on the rivers and creeks of our stunning county is the perfect time to extend your paddle strength by improving technique, board stance and body posture plus getting a large bite of soul food on the way. Paddle boarding on the rivers, flowing with the current and with the wind behind us is actually an easy paddle and allows us to travel a fair distance 4 miles or so with ease stopping for lunch at a rather fab, water side pub :o)

You no longer have to have garage or garden space to store your board as SUP manufacturers have now launched inflatable SUP`s that perform well. Another great thing about stand up paddleboarding is that it is a low impact, cardiovascular water sport that works your core muscle groups which in turn reduce back pains that for sure effect us all in someway or another.