Step 2 – Refreshing and improving your SUP Skills



Here at JB i am very keen to get you back on the water paddle boarding with refreshed skills and watercraft knowledge to make your day out on the sea safe and fun. The refresher SUP lesson is the best and most cost-effective way to get you paddle boarding again as well being the perfect opportunity to improve your board skills and paddle technique. The refresher lesson is iterative to you and can cover any skills you might like to improve on, generally this is all about better balance, improving your core strength, and improving your paddle technique all of which guarantees that your time on the water when solo is safer, more fun and encourages you to keep paddle boarding more regularly.


Enjoy another great day paddle boarding Coaching and rental on one.

Once you’ve completed your initial one hours refresher lesson that is iterative to you you can then take the boards for a further one hour by yourself to have more fun on the water. this refresher let is also the precursor to joining us on one of our many issue P adventure days where we travel along the rivers, creeks and back waters of the Helford River exploring its stunning views and wildlife not to mention stopping for refreshments and one of the many amazing Waterside pubs.


for many people this is the turning point where you might looked buy your own paddle board whether it is an inflatable or a hard deck board, we have an online shop where we have chosen some of the world’s best brands you to choose from i.e. Sunova, JP and Smik. I have packages and special offers that can include your board, paddle, leash, board bag and whatever else you might need.


If you’re looking to start issue SUP surfing then I am one of the few BSUPA sup surf coaches in the UK and run weekend courses from beginner to advanced levels here in Cornwall where we have some of the world’s best waves. As we head into the winter we will be introducing our sup surfing holidays to Portugal and other destinations where the waves will be just perfect and the sun will be shining.


Please call for any advice as to the next that you should be taking on (01736) 272014

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