BB Talkin Bluetooth headsets

JB now uses the BB Talkin headsets for Kitesurfing and Stand up paddle surfing lessons and is a complete game changer in the coaching world.

“As much as I am a hands on instructor these headsets allows me to take the student into a real situation that would potential be a really problem such as deep water relaunch, by giving guidance direct to the student in a calm and clear way the situation is resolved and the learning experience is unparalleled – priceless. We love these so much that we are now the Official BB Talkin re seller, with full product warranty and delivery direct to you – please scroll down for all products ~ Julius”

The BB Talking headsets use the latest Long Range Blue tooth communication systems that allows people to communicate clearly on land, water and snow. These compact units attach to the side of a Bern Helmet or as part of the Surf hat or Snow beanie systems and are truly a god send in the world of coaching.

These headsets are hilarious and are the perfect way to communicate when on the slopes, kayaking, mountain biking pretty much any sport you like, bare in mind that you need to have a clear view of site so wont work through walls, buildings etc. I kite surfed about 800 meters off shore last week and was able to speak to students on the beach clear as day and even mid jump – woo hooo