Kite buggying Cornwall

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Kite buggying in Cornwall is a seriously thrilling activity, imagine sitting in a 3 wheeled buggy 4″ off the ground, foil kite in hand and ready to blast along a 2 mile long Cornish beach, so much fun and an activity that all the family can do.


The Kite buggy beginner lesson is the perfect beach activity for those with little or no kite skills and want to learn all the skills needed to be able to pilot a kite buggy. This intensive 4 hour day s taught by a professional instructor who will teach you how to fly foil kites of different sizes and kite buggy piloting skills to move along the beach in a controlled manner.


      • Location – Gwithian, St Ives Bay, Cornwall
      • Duration – 4 hours
      • Age group – From 10 years old
      • Cost – £75.00 pp
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Kite buggy Step 1

The Kite Buggying step 1 is all about learning to fly Foil kites safely but with power. Below is a guide to what your instructor will teach you.

  • Wind, weather and risk assessment
  • Set up a trainer kite
  • Launch and land a foil kite safely
  • Fly the kite using both sides of the wind window
  • Simulating change of direction and traction in a buggy

Your next Lesson 2 focus`s purely on the Kite buggy and Piloting


Kite buggy Step 2

Now that you are totally in control of your kite the Kite buggying step 2 teaches you how to pilot a buggy using your foil kite to pull you along the beach.

Below is a guide to your Kite Buggy Piloting lesson.

  • What is traction?
  • How to approach and sit in a kite buggy
  • Power stroke and launch
  • Speed control and stopping

You will have made a solid beginning into the exciting world of Kite Buggying and Kite sports, from here on in the sky’s the limit! Your instructor will be happy to discuss the various routes of progression, from kite buggy racing, freestyle and just cruising, through to crossing over to kite land-boarding and of course kitesurfing. Whatever your flavor, there will be something for you to aim towards.


What is included

What is included
Your course is taught by a professional IKO / BKSA instructor and includes all of the Kites, Kite Buggies and safety equipment that you will need for the duration of your lesson.

  • 4 hours professional kite buggy instruction
  • Unique JB training pack
  • All kites, buggies and safety kit as required
  • Lots of fun
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